Has YIFY Been Shut Down?

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One of the popular torrent sites is the yify sites; it was founded in 2010 by Yiftach Swery. While this was in existence a lot of users visited which led the site to gain enough traffic. In 2011, Aug authorities in the United kingdom blocked the site; after the ban, they already had a backup to the torrent site, with that proxy site was launched.

Among a lot of torrent sites, yify is the most searched site. As days pass by, there is also an increase in the number of people who search for this site. So in Mar, 2015 due to legal pressure FRNIC suspended the domain name of Yify. However, at the end of the month yify managed to come back with a different domain name as YTS.

In October of 2015, all users were worried saying that Yify torrents not working. When no one expected that this would happen yify went down without any announcement by any workers or any inchargers of yify torrents. Users hoped that it happens often, so it will definitely come back again but unfortunately it did not come back again.

At the end of october yify/yts was shut down permanently. Motion picture association of America filed a case against this torrent site for multi-million dollar lawsuit. The founder managed to pay and he said that he used to say to himself often that if someone can stop this properly, then he will stop it.

Thus he stopped and the original torrent and its proxy was shut down permanently. However, now there are people who use domain names related to this torrent site. To know information like this and keep you updated, try reading this biggest blog platform called webfrenz.

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